Relocation and immigration in Costa Rica

Investors and buyers of property in Costa Rica are many times foreign citizens, seeking to relocate to a more peaceful and friendly destination for themselves and their family members.  Filing of a legal stay permit, commonly known as residency or “residencia”, is the natural next step to take.

Costa Rican Immigration Law allows for several different categories of legal foreign residents, of which the most popular among relocated expats are the “rentista” (a person who receives a stable income -renta-), “pensionado” (a retiree or other beneficiary of a permanent government pension), and the “inversionista” or investor (an individual who has invested the equivalent of $200,000 in assets in Costa Rica).

At UNIQUE, we assist clients in determining what immigration status is most suited to their particular circumstances, and we then help them in putting together a robust application, compliant with all legal formalities, to be successfully filed with Immigration Authorities and ultimately admitted.

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