Corporate Services

We are a business firm and, therefore, one of our main practice areas is corporate law.  Corporations, whether through the form of a stock corporation or “Sociedad Anonima”, or a limited liability partnership type corporation or “Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada”, are very often used and recommended in Costa Rica to do business, as investment or venture vehicles, or simply as property holding layers of protection.

But our corporate services do not stop there.  We may help our clients manage their Costa Rican entities and keep them in compliance with Costa Rican Laws, through our accounting and tax compliance services.

An important part of our corporate practice is also contract law.  Legally binding agreements (including lease, service, distribution, license, management, building, etc.) that are enforceable and well-drafted become an essential element of any business activity.

Trusts are still another focus of our corporate and contract practice.  Trust Agreements in Costa Rica are commonly used as joint-venture, common entrepreneurship, asset management and investment vehicles, but can also serve as guaranty and collateral structures.  UNIQUE helps clients find the appropriate corporate outfit for their projects in Costa Rica.

We may offer our clients qualified legal assistance in setting up or reorganizing their corporate structure in Costa Rica, and\or link it with the client’s existing holdings or trusts abroad.

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