Nils Borchers

Business Manager

Energetic, sincere and humble. These characteristics bundled with ambition and drive for success make Nils a great business partner and the newest member of Unique.

From a very young age Nils found a passion in sports and traveling. Being part of sports teams for most of his teenage and adult life helped him develop the discipline and drive for success he needs to excel in every professional challenge in his life. The native German also gained valuable international business and management experience while living in Toronto, Canada the past decade. His travels opened his eyes about different cultures in the world and always served him well in day to day interactions. He has now found his home with his wife in San Jose.

Nils’ personality and specially his discipline, has allowed him to become a very successful manager of both his personal life and business ventures. He now leads the Property Management and Brokerage practice of Unique, where he is able to optimize and improve the experience of Unique’s clients that own or are looking to buy or sell Real Estate in Costa Rica.

Nils approaches every decision in the most caring way with a meticulous attention to detail.  He also analyzes every business decision with any possible risk in mind, which created a extremely successful foundation for one of his business passions, the stock market. He found his love for stock market trading and has been doing that personally for a number of years now. People who know him or worked with him are witnesses of Nils’ success in anything he has become a part of.

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