Real Estate Development

Understanding the real potential of a given piece of property, as well as the challenges it needs to overcome to hatch a successful project, is a UNIQUE strength.

A strong and well-rooted democracy, Costa Rica has become a preferred place to invest in Real Estate and second-home market.  Hence, there is an ever-increasing interest in developing prime residential, commercial and office-space, and tourism projects, mainly in the Central Valley area, and in the coastal towns in Guanacaste, Central and South Pacific, and more recently in the Caribbean side.

But Real Estate development can be tricky, if one does not count with professional guidance to steer the project safely and surely.  Technical knowledge and practical experience become key.

Our team is able to help developers plan ahead, assess risks and find pragmatic and legal solutions in every step of the development process:  From the first due diligence on a development target property, to obtaining the required permits; from efficiently structuring the project, to maximizing profitability; from facing public institutions, to organizing the sales materials and documents in compliance with local laws; from securing financing to closing on the resulting units; from establishing the investment vehicles to crafting governing documents; we know how to pave the road for developers to achieve their goals.

Most real estate developments in Costa Rica, whether residential, tourist, or commercial, are either organized as a Condominium Association (HOA) or other similar private community concept. Among our most well-recognized assets and practice areas is precisely Condominium Law.  Our lawyers are experts in working with developers, especially foreign clients, to materialize functional communities under the condominium property system, that directly speak to future investors and end-buyers.  Our services include drafting of custom-made CC&Rs and actual registration of Condominium Declarations and HOAs.

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