Roberto Ferraro

Founding Partner

Authentic, loyal, perseverant are some of the qualities that describe Roberto, a person with his feet on the ground but with a character that is fed by challenges and goals. Roberto has been focused for more than a decade in private financing both to individuals and companies, allowing his investors to enjoy the benefits of safe and attractive returns.

Roberto’s personality will not allow him to give up, regardless of the challenges that may be in front of him. A father of beautiful twins, happily married, a martial arts, motorbikes and extreme sports’ enthusiast. Roberto is a vivid example of ethical behavior, a pilar of his personality that has contributed to an impeccable career in which he believes there is only one way to do things: with honesty and correctness. This has allowed Roberto to excel in every single venture he has been a part of.

His career and network of clients, friends and significant relationships promoted Roberto’s decision to “step up” his practice and by partnering with his brother and best friend, they founded UNIQUE, a project that is focused in quality and client satisfaction by doing things the right way, with a standard of quality that the Firm’s name itself reminds its professionals every day, a service that is UNIQUE, one of a kind.

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