Stefano Ferraro

Founding Partner

Passionate, genuine, extremely transparent. These are some of the attributes that make Stefano UNIQUE. At a young age, Stefano has successfully advised important Real Estate developers in Costa Rica, has been a part of worldwide recognized residential, tourism and hospitality projects.  He is moreover one of UNIQUE’s founding members and currently Managing Partner of the Firm. Stefano’s experience prior to founding UNIQUE, allowed him to gain significant experience in complex Real Estate, Corporate, and Finance matters, even representing national banks and being part of important international transactions that demanded high levels of knowledge, attention to detail, management capabilities, negotiation skills and other important qualities that make Stefano a UNIQUE professional.

Stefano has meticulously applied his passion into everything he does, including of course the founding of the Firm, which has his print all over UNIQUE’s spirit, but also in all other aspects of his life such as the extreme sports that he enjoys to practice, such as martial arts, surfing, motorbike riding with his father and brother, who is also his best friend and co-founding Partner of UNIQUE; to creating and nurturing significant and long lasting relationships with his clients, friends and family.

A simple guy, with a very genuine personality and an honest and transparent approach to human and business interactions, Stefano likes to make everything he does, an exciting and fun adventure. In business, a very straight-forward person that is moved by his clients’ satisfaction, and committed to the highest standards of excellence and quality.

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